If you are invited to a wedding in the next months or weeks and you have not yet decided what to wear, it is more than evident that perhaps the best option is as always, that of buying a cocktail dress in a specialised store that will surely succeed in what trends are concerned. Here we propose some of the best models in cocktail dresses for Spring Summer 2019 wedding.

How to choose a cocktail dress for the Spring Summer 2019

To choose a cocktail dress Spring Summer 2019 all you have to do is try to combine current trends with your own style and choose a model that is comfortable for you and perfect for the occasion. For example, within the color, although it seems that a cocktail dress Spring Summer 2019 can not be white for the season in which we are, depending on the ceremony or event we go, we can choose a simple white model like this dress you see here. It is a dress of the brand NUWAVE , with a perfect fabric for any occasion and really flattering cut.

  • French Connection Woman Lickety Split Fit and Flare Dress

However, you should also listen to your body and what style it feels most favoured in. For example, this white midi dress can also be perfect for any occasion if you feel comfortable with it. This model is of the brand LK Bennett Carrie and is of very good quality so it can serve you several times, when you need to go spectacular.

  • LK Bennett Carrie dress

This dress that we show you down here is one of our favorites. It is very simple but the color is usually very flattering for all skin types, which is something that we should also look at when choosing a cocktail dress. The brocades she wears are beautiful and the neckline also feels good to any type of body, as well as the cut at the waist. It is a dress of the brand Manoush Emma and you can wear it at any day event.

  • Manoush Emma Dress

If you like it in simplicity, think that it is not necessary that it be at odds with elegance and with a quality dress. For example, the dress that we show below the Gabriele Strehle brand is of very good quality and has a simple and classic cut but very flattering and elegant. It is also very wearable for various events and we can give it a different touch by combining it with accessories, accessories and shoes of different colors. For example, for the Spring Summer year you can combine it with an ocher color but for the summer you can do it with a turquoise color.

  • Gabriele Strehle Dress Diman with Sleeves

Finally, if you are looking for a really original dress that is comfortable and simple, we can choose one that focuses on the neckline, both in the front and in a back neckline like this that you see here below Badgley Mischka, very elegant and original for any occasion.

  • Badgley Mischka dress

The most usual thing is to choose a cocktail dress that is consistent not only with the style of the woman who wears it.
You should also choose it based on trends and especially if it is a wedding tomorrow or noon or a night or to be held in the afternoon.
This way you will know if it is better to choose a model of cocktail in soft and short color, or one that is long that may be more appropriate for the night.
Most of us do not doubt it and we opt for short models, but the truth is that we can make a clear distinction to know which model to choose.

Cocktail dresses Spring Summer 2019

If we look for inspiration to find the best cocktail dress to attend a wedding this Spring Summer 2019,  we can not forget about firms like Pronovias.

In its new collection of party dresses, we find a couple of super interesting proposals that are also very elegant.

The bets of headdresses and pamelas in Pronovias

The signature, as you have already seen, bets heavily on the hats and hats as a protocol and, of course, last shout in fashion, to attend as elegant as possible to a wedding.

Now, with what dress, what style, what color? The brand of wedding dresses has the answers to all these questions and some more, such as, short or long dress?

We will see that the firm is very strong bet not only for the hats, but also for the lace and transparencies, as well as the impolite and vibrant colors, like this fuchsia that we see at the beginning of the section.

The dress is spectacular, and says so much, so himself by itself, that we will not need much to complete the look . In fact, the less we use for the finish, the better the better.

Of course, discrete clutch can not miss, along with the color and style of the hat and the shoes.

In terms of jewelry, nothing like discrete earrings, both in its short and long version, but without great frills, and the same will happen with the hairstyle, we can leave a little loose to give greater lightness to the style, but without a doubt the best option It will be to carry a low back or a braided back.

The bet on blue

On the other hand, we will find options like this second one, in a perfect navy blue, combined with an ideal almost gray sand color. The neutral tone brings light to the darkness of the blue and plays with the contrast in a very effective way.

The simple models

Another proposal made by Pronovias in its new Spring Summer 2019 collection  is the one we see just above this description.

It is a dress super elegant, simple, delicate and designed for formal occasions, such as baptisms and communions and, of course, weddings. An ideal cocktail dress to be beautiful without resorting to extravagant tones or complex designs.

In fact, there lies the beauty of this design, because it is not in any case a simple or boring look , but quite the opposite.

That is the designers’ challenge: to ally with the simplicity to achieve elegance by means of light prints and well-chosen and placed details.

As we see, the simplicity in the cut also applies to the color, a makeup that wants to look like pink peach , although it is very likely that we have that feeling due to the contrasts with which the design plays, with these squares superimposed on one more base or less bison, on which we will find smaller squares of alternative tone.

Of course, even if it is a repetitive pattern, the chosen colors allow it so that it does not lose the glamor it gives off.

How to finish it? with mirrors or silver details where the sides of the squares meet, or as we see, where the diamonds take their form.

The long (or rather, short) of the dress seems the ideal for this type of event in which we have focused for the article, the cocktail.

It is a dress above the knee , but does not go beyond the middle of the thigh, so we will not be inappropriate or too demure with a dress of this length.

The choice of a fitted dress

The next model we see is, without a doubt, spectacular. It may be because of the color or the fabric, but it is clear that, regardless of the reason that an impressive dress makes it , it is clear that together they make a good team.

We speak of a raspberry tone that is very close to the cherry, a lively, cheerful and very flattering color for almost any type of woman.

Of course, if we are more discreet, we will wear a pink make-up like the one we see the model wearing, however, this color screams for an even tone of lips, although without reaching excess, because such a color is also very flattering for a well-made mouth. Especially for dark-haired women, because it highlights the color of their skin and hair.

As we see, the design is very, very modern, because it follows the lines of the latest trends , besides being a highly recommended option for those who do not want to mark their gut too much or for those who feel uncomfortable in a tight dress and after eating, the usual after the ceremonies. Therefore it becomes a cocktail dress very timely, comfortable and, of course, super elegant, with which you can not fail.

The trend of lace dresses

On the other hand, Pronovias also opts for models in which lace is present. In this way, they point to a trend that is essential in this new season.

With a cocktail dress like this, which also includes a skirt with flight, you will be spectacular in the events that you have to attend in this new season of Spring Summer 2019.

An elegant dress that you can also combine perfectly with the aforementioned option of a hat or headdress, yes, in a neutral or light color.

The dresses with floral print

And of course, we have to mention the dresses floral print, and although it seems that Pronovias is more inclined to some designs that feature drapes, also includes models like this.

A very successful black dress (even for a wedding, this color is no longer “forbidden” for this type of event), which stands out much more thanks to that bet they make for the white floral pattern. Ideal for the new season of Spring Summer 2019.

Here you have another beautiful Pronovias design in which the flowers are protagonists, although this time they only appear in the upper part, being the bottom part a beautiful skirt in an irresistible golden color.

The mixture of black and white

As for colors, we can not say either that all current cocktail dresses are the eternal white, beige or pink that for years have proposed signatures. To the striking colors such as red or blue, we can now add the current trend of betting on color mixtures and among these the main protagonists are white and black. This we show you is from Asos.

The choice of striped pattern

Also, next to the flowers, we can not miss the striped pattern. In fact this is another of the  prints are the key to know how to get this 2019 . Those invited to weddings this year are betting on them and you can also do it with this Asos model.

A beautiful design with nautical inspiration that reflects one of the influences that takes most in fashion for Spring Summer 2019 and specifically, for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

The trend of the blue color and the use of satin

Made in Satin . Although we can find them in other fabrics, the vast majority of cocktail dresses for weddings are made in satin. A fabric that feels great, in addition to bring some brightness to the fabric and also takes a lot in blue.

In fact, in terms of colors for this type of dress, it can be said that apart from  black and white, which are two of the shades for which satin is most commonly used, we have the choice of blue. 
So, you can see models like the one above, with a fitted body and that is perhaps one of the most elegant we have seen so far for the many fashion proposals Spring Summer 2019.

The cocktail dresses in black

For many of you, the black models are not a success to choose them as dress to attend a wedding, but the truth is that this thought is somewhat old-fashioned. However, it is a color with which we never fail and to which we can give a lot of play with the accessories. This Asos model is perfect for any wedding this Spring Summer.

Cocktail dresses for wedding Spring Summer 2019