The terraces are the space of a house that communicates the interiors with the exteriors, the ideal setting to enjoy a breath of fresh air. They are usually located in the upper floors of homes, which allows having a panoramic view of a landscape whether natural or urban. The terraces can be an extension of an apartment or a house in particular, and provide an external environment even within the house itself.

For this part of the house to look aesthetic and functional, it must have a series of pieces that make it truly unique. The selection of furniture is an important part of the decorative process of this space, since there is a wide variety of furniture ideal for outdoor areas and has a longer lifespan to preserve beauty regardless of weather conditions.

The architects and designers have excellent classic and modern ideas to make this space the jewel of the home. In the following book of ideas you will see beautiful designs of terraces that will inspire you to have similar scenarios in your home.


A pergola is defined as an element belonging to the exterior architecture, which is formed by a corridor flanked by vertical columns (or columns) that support the longitudinal or dormant beams. The pergolas can be of independent character or attached to a particular structure and their most frequent use is that of protecting landscaped areas.

The pergola design shown in this example has a transparent roof that allows natural light to enter the stage, plus some beautiful beams that provide a soft shadow, creating a lighting game ideal for day and night. The pergolas are the most aesthetic element used in outdoor design such as gardens and balconies.

If you want to have a pergola in your outdoor spaces without having to make a large investment, you can use logs of wood without sanding and then incorporate some plants around it; this will add a rustic and artisan touch with a great aesthetic value.

Outdoor furniture

Furniture of any kind can not be placed in outdoor spaces. With the help of a design expert, make an intelligent purchase of the ideal furniture for your terrace, which must be made of materials with high resistance to environmental conditions.

These are the most resistant materials for the outdoor furniture of a house:

  1. Teak wood
  2. Aluminum
  3. Iron
  4. Synthetic rattan
  5. Synthetic fibers

Design coherence

To be able to have a solid structure in the design of a terrace , try to decorate this area with the same line of furniture that you used for the interiors. If your budget does not allow to have pieces of the same designer, look for colors and designs that are similar and create a diagram in the space that allows to have an area without visual obstacles.

Terraces in wood

The wood in a versatile element when it comes to decorating an interior or exterior space. The wood helps to create an environment full of warmth and love for nature.

Roofless terraces

For greater interaction with the outside, the terraces that are not fully roofed, are ideal designs for coastal cities where the sea breeze is counted, making these spaces a point to find relaxation and freshness of the warm climate.