Elegance and sophistication in these perfect looks of godmother and wedding guest.


According to the nuptial protocol, only the godmother can wear a long party dress when the wedding is daytime. For weddings at night, the choice will be subject to the dress code that is established. For that matter, let’s suppose that the label asks to dress ‘formal’, in this way you can wear any of the 29 elegant and sophisticated looks for bridesmaids and guests we have selected. Looks where long dresses and midi cuts are the proposal for the most conservative guests; while the proposals of jacket suit, trousers and overalls stand out for the most modern guests (and godmothers).

Sophistication, coquetry and femininity are the keys of these dresses for weddings , with the common denominator coming from some of the best ateliers in the country . Costumes that, although they belong to collections, work with the pattern and exclusivity that only tailored clothing can give. Escuer , Juana Rique , Sophie et Voilá , Cristina Tamborero , Ze García , The 2nd Skin & Co. and Fernando Claro sign these creations of timeless elegance .

If you are the godmother or the mother of the bride, forget the old-fashioned three-piece suit and do not put old age limits to your style. Bet to highlight your silhouette with designs that favor you. The best thing about choosing an atelier to design your wedding dress is precisely the personalized advice, tailoring and the possibility of adapting the pieces to your concerns.

The current trend brings us plain colors and floral prints , in dresses in which shapes and silhouettes define the image of a woman who combines strength and delicacy. From the romantic cuts to the regal volumes and bold ideas . Cinturas marked and punctual details of rhinestones, applications of lace, fringes and feathers to decorate; Halter necks, asymmetries, puckers and puffed sleeves. Take note!

29 elegant and sophisticated looks for the perfect bridesmaids and wedding guests.