Ideas for the Furniture of your Home

Furnishing our homes can be a somewhat stressful activity, since we all look for our home to look impressive and beautiful, but at the same time, each room must be functional and at the same time transmit our personality.

That is why it is important to look for ideas to decorate and furnish your rooms in the best way. Different designer around the world,

offer you everything you need to be able to achieve it, since we offer you a variety of designs and unique styles that will encourage your imagination, allowing you to achieve the design you so desire. Whether you’re decorating your bathroom, or looking to create an elegant room, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect balance between your kitchen and the dining room; here you can find great ideas.

Where can I find ideas to decorate my house?

The answer is simple, in homify you can find all the inspiration and the most creative ideas you want to decorate any room in your home, in addition, you can find sections to inspire the design of outdoor spaces such as balconies or terraces, you can also find links direct with great professionals of design and architecture.

Having the opportunity to choose between all the variety of popular styles such as minimalist, modern, rustic and even Scandinavian, or opt for imaginative fusion of different styles such as the eclectic, is one of the things you can do from our website. Our goal is to deliver the necessary tools that will make your imagination fly, in order to create the most diverse designs that adapt to your needs.

Where can I find ideas for decoration?

In a way, the great ideas or designs to decorate our home, can be born of anything that surrounds us, so it is important to keep an eye open to discover those colors, textures, materials, shapes and elements that we can observe when visiting the house from a friend or neighbor, or even when flipping through an interior design magazine. With homify, it is also possible to imitate and even improve many of those designs that we offer in our different publications, and we even offer you the opportunity to consult great design experts, who can provide invaluable help in terms of color combination, correct use of materials and even get the best out of every corner of your home. But, the main way to find and collect ideas to create your designs.

How to refresh the style of my apartment?

A constant challenge when decorating our homes, is when we live in a small apartment, try to find a harmonious mixture of different areas of a place like this, sometimes it can be somewhat complicated, the perception of unique and separate spaces without stopping demonstrate that they are part of the same set. The color is a good way to create different sensations in any space, we may not have a wall that establishes a division between rooms, but you can use different tones to give this perspective of different areas, perfect to delimit the dining room with the area of the kitchen. The use of curtains and accessories such as lamps or furniture not very large, can expand the perspective of space in any apartment.

The key to achieving all this, is to make the rooms much more liveable, but without the need to use ostentatious furniture or decorative elements, remember that we look for a relaxing, pleasant and fresh atmosphere.

Renovating your apartment

When you are renovating an apartment, considering the harmony of the design is crucial, try to make sure that any space is balanced with each other, with tables, chairs and a good sofa that is aligned under symmetrical patterns. If you have a room with light shades on the walls, then you can get the most out of the natural light that enters your apartment from the windows, use elegant thin fabric curtains to give a faint touch to the light, which can also provide a beautiful appearance to design in general, and you can regulate the level of brightness that enters your rooms. Sometimes less is definitely more, and this includes some areas that are outdoors, like your balcony.

Decorating the apartment

When it comes to decorating your apartment, it is important to realize that we are not going to decorate the whole house with the same style or pattern, so it is better to work by room or project, since interior decoration is best achieved, when the style adapts to the personalities of its inhabitants, together with a homelike touch, since comfort is important. Color is a key tool for this, the light tones for the walls and ceilings of the rooms will make them feel more spacious, you can also combine this with light colored cushions and a bright wooden floor; choose some colorful paintings, without needing to be immense can give a classic touch, and the presence of flowers will boost a quality welcome, in addition to an aromatic touch that will feel all your visits.

How to get a large room?

When we have houses or apartments that have ample spaces for the rooms, the main challenge is to make them feel cozy, warm and relaxing, which is why many designers suggest adding a touch of green to these large areas, placing some plants to be combined with the natural light that enters through your window will allow an echo throughout the room of softness and delicacy. Try to include contrast between warm and light colors. Using two tones in a wall can help the perception of much higher ceilings, of course we speak of soft tones with a difference in their tonality, being a little darker one than the other. Use shelves, or small sofas and tables that allow you to divide the room into smaller and more manageable spaces, will make the room look much higher to your eyes.

How to decorate small rooms?

Small rooms need to give the senses a perception of spaciousness, that is why it is important to choose the colors for the walls and avoid filling the room with many ornaments or accessories, it is better to adhere to essential items, such as the bed, a table and a sofa. Make sure when you decorate your room to leave enough space for your free movement in it; In the same way you can consider using folding wooden furniture with clear patterned cushions, which you can pick up after having been used.

How to make my apartment more welcoming?

As we have been able to indicate on several occasions, color is essential when making any home feel more cozy and homely, be it a large house or a small apartment, color is a crucial point in any design. But if you want to add a touch of life to your design, you can include curtains or furniture that contrasts with the tones of the walls, to give that feeling of welcome, in addition to using plants and flowers to add charm, which will allow you to have a little of distraction without looking too cheeky.

Tips for decorating small apartments

For those small apartments, it is important to avoid this feeling of confinement, that is why using light colors is essential to maximize the feeling of space, and lighting is another point that should be considered important, as it is advisable to include natural light as one of your first options when thinking about lighting up your rooms. Being smart when selecting the furniture in your apartment, is something that you must practice, since you must locate the maximum functionality of your things, such as small tables that also serve to store things, or the use of folding furniture to store various objects , you can also use folding benches with cushions on the seat to save space and a touch of color in the pattern of these chairs.

Decoration tips for students

When you are a student, it is important to have an area not only to rest and recover strength, but also with enough capacity and comfort to work on your study projects, that’s why you could consider using folding beds, or tables mounted on the wall, so you can maximize the largest possible space in your room. The white walls can provide you with a wide perception of space and the opportunity to add decorative elements that adhere to your personality. Remember to place a desk under your window, natural light will help you a lot when studying during the day.

Tips for furnishing your lofts

The lofts are becoming an increasingly popular living space, but can sometimes present certain design problems due to their unusual angles, and low ceilings, that is why we advise you to place the beds where the ceiling has a good effect of space, where it is not very low, and even use corners or cracks of the place as storage areas. The rest of the space is used to create rest areas and to share moments of social life. Use shelves on the walls or if it is in your budget, create cabinets that adapt to those interesting angles that can sometimes be found in these places.

What decorations make your home, a modern home?

The modern style houses have to use clear lines, aerodynamic furniture and neutral colors, although there are a lot of different design styles that can use brighter and more colorful tones as well. Modern designs always seek to avoid overexposing the decoration. The idea in general is harmony and class, without the need to create a boring place where you can spend your time.

The Scandinavian design depends largely on the use of wood, which is generally used in combination with white walls and ceilings. The ornamentation is focused on minimalist designs with an elegant touch above all. It’s all about what it takes to live and not to create something ostentatious, but rather functional and practical.

Rustic Style Furniture

The rustic style tries to create warmer and traditional spaces, they have to be based on combinations of wood, multiple tiles and the use of brick, in addition to including the presence of large windows and chimneys, robust tables and tall cabinets. It is a design with a style that seeks to combine the homey charm with luxury, essential for large rooms.

Modern Style Furniture

The modern apartments are usually spacious, with clear distinctions of the spaces thanks to their walls, where the incorporation of the furniture to the design in general is taken into account, and can usually be found formed and adapted to the caprice of its occupants. These apartments are perfect for interior design lovers who like to experience new trends in their rooms.