For the summer, the guests opt for colors ranging from pastel colors to red passion. We leave you with our selection of guest dresses for wedding so you can get ideas if you have a link in sight.

Stunning wedding guest dresses

The floral print is ideal for weddings in the morning that are celebrated in the hottest months. Although the most usual is to see it in long dresses of vaporous fabrics, they also favor in its shorter version and with fabrics that more accurately draw the body of the woman.

Sensual sweetness

There is no wedding that boasts where a guest is not dressed in red. Season after season, this representative tone of love and passion becomes the center of attention for all eyes of the party. And it is that when dressing in red it is inevitable to feel powerful and sure of the same. You will shine with your own light.

Joy and happiness are unconditional guests of weddings, and color is your faithful partner! Take a risk and choose that look in intense, electric and striking tones so fashionable nowadays that you have even seen them marching on the catwalks of the haute couture week in Paris. We know, in the end you will not be able to resist and you will fall into temptation. Say yes, fashion is for fun.

Would you like to enhance your most sensual side? You just have to look for a sexy dress in powdered tones, as these colors have the peculiar ability to sweeten any style. One of the latest trends are the mini dresses with pink rose feathers , which combined with details and silver accessories delight many women.

Our way

The monkeys have already gained a place in the different collections for some years, both bridal and festive fashion. For the day or for the night, for more conventional events or more informal celebrations, the jumpsuit adapts perfectly to any type of event . They will change the fabrics, the details of the design (of straps, with sleeves …), but it will continue to maintain its essence.

The masculine-inspired suits should be part of the wardrobe background of all women. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to think of the tuxedo as a tailoring piece for women. Armani is a master in this field.

Elegant dresses to be the perfect wedding guest

In the middle of the wedding season (christenings, communions and summer parties) it’s time to look for an elegant dress to be the perfect guest. Long designs for the most glamorous parties and the most sophisticated evening weddings, and short and midi models for the most chic morning events . Wonderful dresses, flattering necklines and spectacular fabrics will be responsible for placing you on the list of the best dressed.

Very elegant tricolor dress inspired by Greek in pink and two shades of blue, with pronounced neckline and sensual opening in the skirt. A model of Color Nudewhose price is €350.

Red is one of the most flattering colors for guests and lace one of the most classic fabrics. Ideal is this model midi cut lady Carolina Herrera. Its price is €680.

Chocolate brown cape dress, a tight design with very elegant plunging neckline of Color Nude that you can wear for day and night events. Its price is €295.

Christening, morning wedding or communion. This bi-color short dress is a perfect bet. A model in pastel yellow and powdered pink, with French sleeve of CoosyIts price is €139.

Pink is one of the most flirtatious and romantic colors. Very elegant is this classic round neck dress, with maxi tie detail by Gloria VelázquezIts price is €209.

Spectacular evening dress for an evening wedding or a party by Jorge VázquezA black strapless neckline design embroidered with silver thread and precious maxi lacing on the back. Its price is €890.

The sequins are also to wear during the day. Ideal and sweeping is this midi sequinned dress with front buttoning and lantern sleeve perfect for a wedding day and night, and for a party. You will stand out in all the options. A creation of Redondo Brand whose price is 189 euros.

Very elegant dress for an evening wedding. A yellow creation with black floral pattern by Carolina Herrera. Its price is 1,330 euros.

Beautiful dress in two shades of green Color Nude. A fitted and shirred model at the height of the hip in dark green, combined with puff sleeves of green tulle. A perfect option to be the most elegant. Its price is 285 euros.

Blue long dress of classic cut. A very nice model in light blue tulle with flowers embroidered in navy blue, transparent neckline and waist marked with a bow. A design of Purification García whose price is 388 euros.

Draped pink dress crossed, made in pink crepe with sash to the tone and without sleeves of Cherubina, a simple but elegant option. Its price is 450 euros.

midi model made of lame with floral print in lime and purple yellow, with a box collar, long sleeves and an asymmetric cape skirt with a ruffle that Sassa de Osma wore a few days ago. A design by Jorge Vázquez whose price is 1,700 euros.

For the more daring the leopard print is also elegant. The perfect example is seen in this midi dress with bluff sleeves and ruffled detail on the skirt. A design signed by Balmaseda whose price is 255 euros.

Short design with flared sleeves in pastel pink ideal for a communion, christening or wedding tomorrow. An elegant Poète dress whose price is 150 euros.

Asymmetrical oversize dress A green model with white maxi flowers of Wild Pony. Its price is 92 euros.

Simple and austere but no less sophisticated. Discreet monochrome dress in a flattering fuchsia, with transparent draped sleeves and back to the air. A Cherubina dress whose price is 270 euros.

Beautiful shirt dress with pleated skirt and matching lace, in a beautiful combination of colors in navy blue, red, white and green. A Garcia Purification model whose price is 298 euros.

Short blazer dress , with puffed shoulders and gold buttons. A short dress of Apparentia whose price is 188.30 euros.

Yellow dress with asymmetric neckline with ruffle detail on the sleeve and marked waist. An ideal design for a morning wedding of By Handel whose price is 250 euros.

Spectacular red and black design. A very elegant dress with a corset style neckline combined with a transparent plumeti fabric and a red pencil skirt. A model by Alejandro de Miguel whose price is 1,085 euros.

Elegant blue dress, boat neck and bow detail at the waist and hip. A very flattering cut model of Blancaspina. Its price is 265 euros.

Polka dot print dress, a classic print that never fails. A model with side piping and short sleeves of Wild Pony.Its price is 85 euros.

The color black is very useful for all kinds of occasions. In a wedding it is not recommended but more and more the guests bet on this tone. Ideal is this lace dress and pleated skirt Zara. Its price is 39.95 euros.

Wedding guest outfits

Wedding Guest Dresses

The chances of sharing a friend or family member’s happy day with them can become a daunting one as you start struggling to find unique, fun wedding guest dresses that you can wear to each individual occasion.