The stairs are the backbone of many buildings. In some cases – when they are in a central place in the house – they become a protagonist of it.

Within the architectural design of the houses (and particularly those that are composed of two floors or several levels), the fixed points must have a design that stands out, since they occupy an essential space within the house.

Believe it or not, achieving a good stair  design will largely determine the overall image of the house, so  architects usually generate harmony starting from the language of the staircase. Well-designed and stylish stairs will speak very well of you, not to mention that they must be safe and well calculated.

In this book of ideas, we want to talk specifically about the flying stairs, which due to their particular design, give to the interior architecture airs of quite interesting contemporaneity.


The design of the flown stairs consists of the placement of rungs in different materials and thicknesses, obviating the back footprint. That is to say, that the staircase has empty spaces between each step, which allows a space of transparency to be reflected in the fixed point.

Using wood

In a rustic design the wood can be used for the realisation of the staircase. The thickness of each footprint will depend on the previous calculation that must be made for the proper functioning of the ladder, in accordance with the compliance with the regulations of each country.

Wood is very versatile for all types of design and architectural style. You can combine it with another material, depending on the result you want.


The stairs flowed give the sensation of being suspended, reason why many interior designers prefer to maintain that condition making the fixed point have transparency not only in the risers, but even in the rails. The fixed points that are located near the facades can increase this effect thanks to the natural light inputs.

Minimalist style

Within a minimalist design, the stairs should have the greatest simplicity possible, so this is a good alternative to achieve it, where you can also generate harmony with the lights and materials of the house. Remember to keep simplicity as the main concept of the composition.

The railings

On the flight of stairs, special attention must be paid to the rails so that the design will not be damaged. A very good option is the use of glass. You must take into account the weight that this generates on each step so that it stays well fixed and avoid accidents.


Do not hesitate to generate environments that highlight the beautiful design of your staircase. The colors are ideal when playing with sensations, so do not be afraid to dare to create these spaces full of elegance.

Small spaces

The design of these stairs is a good option if you have a small house, since visually free the area of ​​the fixed point, will contribute in the spatiality of the environment where the staircase is located.

Design and function

The stairs flown show a close relationship between design and functionality, so they are easy to solve in terms of spatiality and provide an original image that you will love.

Two sections

Keep in mind that there are stairs that require a different design, depending on the spatial form in which it develops. If you require two sections, give special importance to rest so that it provides continuity to the design and serves as support for the next section of the staircase.