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The key is in the ingenuity, and in knowing how to define your deco style!

Maybe your house is so small that the idea of ​​having a hallway is more like an illusion than a reality, or that you live in a studio and, just open the front door, you come face to face with the room. But, listen to us, all these are just excuses, because whatever the size of your home, there is always a way to decorate the hall . You do not believe it? Well, take a look at these 20 ideas … 😌


Let your passion for plants be noticed from the entrance of the house! A wooden shoe rack will give you the storage space you need to make the most of the square meters of the hall; And so that the area is not anything bland, decorate it with several pots, vases and decorative dishes. Another tip is to add a mirror to the wall, this way you will trick the eye and it will seem that the space is bigger.


Many times (almost always) we overlook the power of the corners. And is that if your receiver is small, there is no better way to give life than choosing furniture that fit the structure (and not the other way around).

Look at everything you can get: a bench where you can sit comfortably barefoot, storage space, clothes racks, an umbrella stand, and even a corner to add deco details.


An idea of ​​the most creative to adapt the furniture of the hall to each station, is to ally with the painting and the complements. Here, for example, turquoise blue recalls the color of the sea, and the natural fibers of the basket and hat cool the atmosphere.


How ingenious! A shelf that acts in turn as a rack thanks to the hooks that hang from it, and a cute stool in white next to the shoemaker. If space allows, add a small carpet … and go! You already have your dream hall.


In this house, the hall is limited to a partition next to the door. How did you take advantage of this little corner? With a floating white furniture decorated with plants, an elongated mirror on the wall, a mini coat rack, and a knitted pouffe on the floor that gives a lot of warmth.


The narrow and elongated furniture will make the ceiling of your hall seem higher, and therefore, wider. Of course, do not forget to always give a deco touch that is responsible for brightening the area. Do we tell you a secret? The plants never fail.


Above, a shelf with storage holes. Below, three hangers to hang bags and backpacks. And to top it off, a full-color painting that helps highlight the area. See how simple?


If you have always wanted to live in the house on the prairie, the time has come to fulfill your dream, because you do not need a giant hall to achieve that irresistible country style! Get a wooden bench, and place several racks at different heights on the wall. Now, you only have to hang your handbags and wicker hats and raffia favorites.


If you have a small corner and want to make the most of every inch of the wall, create a collage of photos or illustrations in an upright position, and leave the lower area to place a sideboard or an auxiliary furniture where you can store your personal items. You can also use it only as a decorative element, using baskets and plants. The decision is yours alone.


The raw aesthetic advocates showing the materials naked, with their natural imperfections, and we love them! Look what a personal hall thanks to the wooden bench under which the shoes rest.


Another master example on how to take advantage of a corner. In this case, the bench was made with wooden pallets, and the rest of the elements are the coat hangers with the appearance of a knob, and an impressive tree that is born from a metal bucket.


To gain charm in the hall, just choose the right pieces. A coat rack with golden hooks, a beautiful wooden bench, some baskets with a coquettish pattern, a plant with a vase that makes it stand out … 😉


Do you like the effect ” village house ”? Write down the tricks to get it: aged wood, white tones, laminated walls, wicker, jute, raffia …


If you are looking for a different hall and, above all, very fresh, dare to play with the colors of the wall. The powdery tones combined with the white, are ideal to gain sweetness but also freshness, and are great with materials such as wood or natural fibers.


The family is the most important, so it is normal that you want to keep it in mind from the moment you enter the house. In this hall, the upper shelf was decorated with black and white photos, and the rack is used at the same time by papis and kids. There will be no more beautiful area!


You have always said that you were born at the wrong time, and that you would feel like a fish in the water in the fifties or sixties. Well, this is the time to bring out your retro soul by decorating the hall with second-hand furniture and iconic pieces, like an old phone.


We have done a review for all deco styles, but we had not gone through the classic yet. If you want to recreate it, opt for a wooden sideboard and add sober decorative objects, such as a photo frame, a table or wall clock, or a mirror.


White tones, creams, beiges, nudes … All of them will conceive a very feminine and chic corner in the hall, but the key is to add golden details, a touch of natural fibers that relax the environment, and some flowers that shine by themselves alone.


In this hall, the bookshelf composed of golden blocks is undoubtedly the main protagonist. A perfect way to generate an environment with character, taking advantage of the height of the walls. The good? That you can achieve the same finish easily from home: you only need a layer of golden paint.


As if you were Alice in Wonderland , an umbrella stand shaped like a milk jug. Does not it remind you of a story house?