The bathroom is a fundamental part in the composition of your home, and requires a specific area and location in order to ensure its perfect functioning. There are different ways of designing a bathroom, from the style with which the interiors of the house are decorated, as well as the space available, its shape and dimension. When it comes to the social bathroom, it will be used not only by those who live with you, but also by people outside your home, so it is essential that he speaks well of you and remains at all times in perfect order and cleanliness.

If you want to add an addition of space to your home, the best option is to invest in an aesthetic and useful bathroom. This change in the structure of your plant will add extra value to the property in the real estate market. Advise yourself of a group of professional experts so that they, with their extensive knowledge, can design a space that suits your budget and your specific demands.

In the following book of ideas you will find a specific guide to bathroom designs that can be adapted as additional spaces to all types of dimensions, plus construction cost data.

Structural remodelling of a small bathroom

An integral structural design is summarised in a space execution from scratch. Making radical changes is included in this remodelling process, as well as improving the distribution of spaces and step to replace the furniture set, which are investments that will make your new bathroom show your guests an exquisite taste for the new architectural trends of the moment .

Plan, do, verify and act

To begin with the addition of space, you have to think about what bathroom model is needed and of course what you want. Once these details are defined, you can begin to make a list of costs and budgets, this way you will monetarily estimate the investment of your area expansion project. Do not forget to find suitable professionals to direct and follow up on your ideas.

Definition of areas

The definition of areas of a bathroom will be related to the size of the investment that will be made for this type of expansion. It is not necessary to affirm that a bath of moderate space will bring you less expenses in your budget than a broad design full of luxuries in its square meters.

Find a design that suits your tastes

Not all trends in design adapt to the tastes and demands of all. Taking into account the decoration and architectural style of your home, you can start to choose models of bathrooms that are of your total pleasure without aesthetics interfering with the primary functions of this service area.

Materials and decoration

The decoration of interior spaces will be the final touch so that your new bathroom is the jewel of your home. Remember that, in most cases less, it is more. Choose furniture in natural textures that give the space warmth and harmony.

Choose pieces from the same design house or have factors in common so that your bathroom has a solid aesthetic coherence.